In his lifetime, Chairman Kim Jong Il said that he regarded it as the biggest happiness, glory and pride to devote his whole life to the country, the revolution and the people.

It is natural that everyone wants to stay in a warm place when they are cold in midwinter and in a cool place when they are hot in sultry summer days and that everyone wants to have a sweet time with their family when holiday comes.

However, the Chairman minded even a short rest that human being can enjoy and devoted his whole life to the good of the people.

Covering the high-intensity forced march in field jacket, the Chairman said that he never considered his forced march as labour but felt relief and that it was better for him to make forced march for his servicemen and excellent people than to spend much time on living in luxury.

The Chairman always said that he was impatient as he had no enough time to work hard for the people who are the best in the world, and continued the journey of devoted service for the people.