It Is Necessary to Have National Dignity and Pride

It was mid-June 1945 when President Kim Il Sung led the marching of a small unit of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army under the direct command of its Headquarters.

Saying that he frequently thinks about excellence of the Korean nation, Kim Il Sung asked members of the unit whether they had ever thought of it.

No one was ready to answer him.

Kim Il Sung said that it was necessary for the revolutionaries to take great national dignity and pride in their country and nation and, only then, they could fulfill their responsibility of master in the revolution. He said that one cannot love his nation and country but be disqualified to be a revolutionary, if one has no national dignity.

Saying that the final decisive struggle for national liberation should be carried out not by outside forces but by the Korean people themselves, Kim Il Sung said that the Korean revolutionaries should take great dignity and pride in the peculiar wisdom, bravery and patriotism of the Korean nation that was displayed and became inveterate through the process of its long history.