One day in May 1970 President Kim Il Sung summoned officials concerned to acquaint himself with draft designs of weekly and monthly nurseries.

Studying carefully the draft for a long time, Kim Il Sung scolded officials. He said that it was not suitable for a place of a weekly nursery as it was near the railway and quality of its soil was not good.

When the officials suggested a place near a stadium, Kim Il Sung said that the weekly nursery should be built in the best place which was quiet and whose air was clean as it was for the lovely children, adding that the place near the stadium is unsuitable because it is crowded with many people.

He thought for a long time while looking at the master plan for major construction projects in Pyongyang, and pointed at one place. He said that the place would be good enough to build the nursery as it was quiet. Saying that the place should be used not for others but for the nursery, he told them to build the nursery in the place as soon as possible.

Later Kim Il Sung visited the place when the nursery was under construction. He told them to use best building materials and furnishings as the children would stay there.

As a result, the Pyongyang September 15 Weekly Nursery was wonderfully built in the best place, and it was furnished with modern facilities.