It was on September 4, 1989.

When he visited Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace with a female writer from (former) West Germany, President Kim Il Sung dropped in at a room of the accordion club.

Looking at the club members who burst out enthusiastic cheers, he told them to play a song. Praising that they are good at playing the accordions, he had a souvenir photo taken with them.

Among them there was a student who was in regret and impatience.

It was a 9 year-old boy, and he was the youngest. He couldn’t take a proper place because he had a heavy accordion on his shoulders. Furthermore, those who were taller and older than him pushed and pulled each other in order to stand near the President. So he stood behind the taller ones. He was about to shed tears.

It was when the children were about to move into the President’s arms after the photo taken.

The President saw the young and short boy standing behind him and told the camera man to take a photo again, saying that the boy was hidden by others. Then he made the boy stand next to him.

Everyone was moved, and the foreign woman was also in deep emotion and shed tears.

The small boy had a photo taken with bright smile on his face holding the President’s hand.