What Is Law on Sci-tech Talents Management Newly Enacted in DPRK?

It is to control and manage sci-tech talents in a unified way of the state by establishing a strict system and order of sci-tech talents management, and develop science, technology and the economy and improve the people’s livelihood by enhancing their role.

The DPRK Law on Sci-tech Talents Management has 6 chapters and 43 articles.

It stipulates to effectively organize and mobilize sci-tech talents to the work of developing science, technology and the economy and improving the people’s livelihood according to the talent-training plan of sectors, regions, units and studies and to enroll every of them and manage them in a unified way.

It also stipulates detailed issues arising in having sci-tech talents play a leading and pivotal role in scientific and technological activities and providing them with preferential treatment in the society such as enhancing their role, appraising their achievements, improving their qualifications and providing them with living and working conditions.