DPRK Government’s Core Strategy and Tasks for Its Implementation

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified the core strategy of the government of the Republic and the tasks for its implementation in his policy speech delivered at the Seventh Session of the Fourteenth Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK.

The talents strategy, the strategy of sci-tech development is the core strategy for the overall rejuvenation of the state put forward by the government of the Republic.

In order to implement the strategy, the education sector should properly select subjects to enable students to spend time and energy in acquiring more practical knowledge applicable to practice and decisively improve the quality of the universal 12-year compulsory education. It is necessary to steadily raise the level of education and continuously direct national efforts to providing all teachers and students in Pyongyang and local areas with perfect conditions for education, practice and study.

The level of science and technology should be increased and the resources of technical talents be effectively promoted and managed and substantial measures should be taken to settle the problems of means of research and talents.

The scientific and research sector should present proper sci-tech results capable of actually shoring up the economy of the country and all sectors and units should regularly operate the sci-tech learning spaces, the important bases for making all the people well versed in science and technology, and steadily intensify the dissemination of science and technology to activate the mass technical innovation drive.

It is necessary to properly ensure that sci-tech achievements are shared, absorbed and informed, good conditions are provided for gaining access to sci-tech data and excellent units, scientists and technicians are given preferential treatment and appraisal to make the climate of attaching importance to science and technology pervade the whole society.