Idea on Making Sports Mass-Based and Part of Everyday Life

One March day in 2015 the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that it was important to make sports mass-based and part of everyday life.

Kim Jong Un said that schools should improve and intensify physical training.

In their physical training, schools should focus on increasing students’ height, building up their bodies in a balanced way and teaching them basic sports knowledge and the techniques of more than one sports event. Due attention should be paid to physical training for national defence which is conducive to cultivating their courage, perseverance and fortitude. Schools should raise the level of gym teachers and radically improve the quality of physical education. They should all furnish themselves with sufficient sports equipment, organize various after-school sporting activities suited to the students’ characteristics and regularly run specialized groups for sports events.

Kim Jong Un also said that organs, enterprises and farms should conduct brisk sporting activities.

They should arrange various sporting activities, including health-promoting exercise, mass rhythmic exercise and health-promoting Taekwon-Do, on a regular basis and in keeping with their actual conditions, and organize different kinds of sports and other recreational pastimes on holidays, major anniversaries and days off so that people can take an active part in sporting activities with a competitive spirit. Families, too, should often take part in health-promoting exercises like morning exercise and recreational pastimes.

National Inter-Provincial Games and similar games should be organized among cities, counties, organs, enterprises and farms to help the working people build up their bodies and minds and to generate greater enthusiasm for sports.

It is important to vigorously wage the movement for winning the titles of Model Sports County and Model Sports Unit and make effective arrangements for the sports promotion period.