Saying That Toughness and Decisiveness Is Tradition of Korean People’s Army

One day in December 1994, a reconnaissance helicopter of the US imperialist aggressor army that had intruded into the territorial airspace of the DPRK was shot down by an ordinary soldier of the Korean People’s Army who was defending a post of the country.

Being told about that fact, Chairman Kim Jong Il said with great satisfaction that the People’s Army showed the DPRK people’s mettle to the US aggressors. He declared that it was necessary for the KPA to smash the enemies without mercy if they invade the country even 0.001mm.

Later when he had a chance to have a talk with the KPA commanding officers, the Chairman said that a merciless blow should be dealt to the enemies in the confrontation with them. Saying that the KPA is unique with its toughness and decisiveness and they are the KPA’s tradition that has been established since the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle, the Chairman stressed that no one would be pardoned if they intended to violate independence of the country.