Popular Law Run through with Warm Love for Man

Thanks to meticulous care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who pays deep attention to the ensuring of enough living conveniences to those with disabilities, legal system for their protection is perfected further, popular policies for them are enforced one after another and taking care of them with sincerity becomes a social customs, in the DPRK.

Law on Ensuring Rights of the Disabled was adopted at the 9th Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK held in September 2023. It contains detailed issues in providing them with genuine freedom and rights in all fields of social life as members of the dignified Republic.

The law has 7 chapters, and every article of the law is run through with warm love and affection for human.

The law stipulates mission and principled issues related to the providing of their rights including establishing social climate of treating and helping them with kindness, so that the perfect working system and order can be established to provide them with stable and happy life.

The law stipulates that those with disabilities have rights to elect and to be elected in the election of deputies to the people’s assembly of all levels, to associate themselves with political and public organizations according to their will and demand so that they can freely lead political and organizational life and conduct socio-political activities and to express their opinions which contribute to the development of the state and society and the enhancement of their social position and role on publications, art works and so on. This is the legalization of the benevolent measures of the DPRK Party and government to make them exercise fully the genuine freedom and rights in political life.

By ensuring the rights to education, public health, labour and cultural life, the law provided them with legal environment through which they can realize their dream and hope and lead valuable and worthy life as creators and enjoyers of culture. In addition, the law stipulates in detail the issues of providing them fully with rights to personal body, properties and independent activities and taking measures to give preferential treatment and aids to them in case of emergency like natural disasters and spread of malignant epidemics. It serves as a legal guarantee that enables all those with disabilities to occupy position of full-fledged members in the society and family and lead a happy life as such.

Every article of the law is permeated with the policy of the WPK who takes care of them with sincerity like parents, who are concerned more about their sick children, lest those with disabilities should have any inconveniences in their life and work.