Two Systems Compared through Lives of Mothers

People say that it is easy to become a mother but difficult to play the part of such. It means that mother shows every possible affection and love for her children and makes sincere and devoted efforts for them.

In the DPRK which regards it as a beautiful and happy life to devote one’s all to others, there are many women who raise not only their own children but the ones without parents and devote their all for the society and the collective. Among them there are some women who devote themselves to soldiers who make military service in the frontline for more than 10 years which are long enough to change the look of rivers and mountains. People say that they have the lofty view of life.

The word mother sounds warm, beautiful and dear to everyone in the DPRK.

But in the capitalist society, the word mother becomes a synonym for fear.

A woman in a city of Japan was arrested by the police on the charge of killing her 6-year eldest daughter in October 2019. She committed a brazen-faced act, but she did not feel guilty about it. Instead, she told the police openly that she killed her daughter.

How can such a murderer be called mother?

Mother’s love is the most powerful and ardent in the world. But misanthropy and the law of the jungle, dominant in the capitalist society, make many women become degenerates and murderers.

This clearly tells that the capitalist society is a living hell.