Children’s Home of Happiness

As a beautiful flower cannot be in full bloom without fertile land, so children cannot continue their life if they have no home where they live with their parents who defend and take care of them.

The DPRK’s socialist system takes care of the children with warm and tender love.

They go to the school with Sonamu(pine tree)-brand schoolbags on their back and learn to their heart’s content with Mindulle(dandelion)-brand notebooks.

Even in the difficult period of the Arduous March, the schools in the DPRK kept open doors for them, school trains ran for those in mountainous villages and branch schools were established for a few pupils on a lighthouse islet.

Children fully display their talents from their childhood at fine children’s palaces and children’s union camps built in every part of the country.

It can be told only in the DPRK that a law has been established to supply at the state expense the nutritious foods to all children of the country.

The WPK’s embrace is, indeed, the DPRK children’s home of happiness.