DPRK’s Tendency to Improve Contents of Elementary and Secondary Education

The 6th and 8th plenary meetings of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK put it forward as an important task of the educational sector to improve the contents of education so that students can acquire many-sided and profound knowledge and practical abilities.

For this end, the educational sector makes efforts to improve contents of the elementary and secondary education.

The educational sector pays attention to the work of arousing students’ interest in the educational contents by reflecting problems that they must and they want to know and that are closely related to real life, in the elementary and secondary education in keeping with characteristics of relevant subjects. It makes the students learn the mathematical principle and other principles of natural phenomena with much more interest in real life by making the education contents suited to the children’s ages and psychological peculiarities. This becomes the focus of public attention.

In the senior middle school stage, scope and level of the education contents are fixed so that graduates who received optional education can receive qualification for techniques and skills for relevant jobs and contents of the education are improved in the direction of increasing the rate of their techniques and skills to the maximum.

What is remarkable here is that the educational sector puts stress on consolidating solid foundations while giving proper views and experiences to the students and constitutes the contents with techniques and skills that are available for production and practice.