Bridegroom Shed Tears on Wedding Day

One October day in 2023 a wedding of a young couple took place in a restaurant in Hwasong District, Pyongyang, DPRK.

Warm tears filled the eyes of bridegroom Kim Myong Hyok, who was having photos taken under the blessings of many people.

Then, why did he shed tears? It has a story.

When Kim came home after the military service, his parents died of a sudden disease.

As Kim was at a loss how to make a living in the future, officials and employees of his new work place became his parents, brothers and sisters.

They refurnished his house and visited him frequently on holidays and at weekends to spend pleasant time with him.

Being told that Kim is going to get married, everyone from his work place did their best so that others could be envious of him. Saying that his wedding is an auspicious event for his district and town, officials of the district Party committee and neighbours in the town made every sincere preparation for his wedding.

Even those who Kim had never met before congratulated his marriage.

Kim has no parents, but he had a significant and blessed wedding.

Bridegroom Kim shed tears as he was grateful for all the people who attended the wedding and for the Workers’ Party of Korea who brought them up into respectable ones.