DPRK Women Regarded as Treasures of Country

“Women’s position and rights are decided and realized in a different way according to which social system they live in.

Women in numerous countries of the world are prone to become victims of exploitation and absence of rights, disputes and crime. However, in the DPRK the women’s equality and rights are guaranteed by law.

In the DPRK it is regarded as a social climate and beautiful virtue to respect women’s personality. In addition, their rights are realized by the Socialist Constitution, the Law on Ensuring Women’s Rights, the Socialist Labour Law and many other laws and by the state policies.

An ordinary woman worker becomes a deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly and discusses affairs of the state, and many women exercise their political rights in the Party and government organs and working people’s organizations.

The DPRK women don’t know any restrictions on women and inequality like unemployment, flesh traffic and domestic violence.

One can clearly know advantages of social system of a country through the women’s rights alone.”

This is an article carried by the internet magazine Nepal Today about the DPRK women who enjoy benefits of the state and society and live with pride.