Major Revolutionary Organizations Formed during Period of Anti-Japanese Revolutionary Struggle

The Down-with-Imperialism Union was formed by President Kim Il Sung on October 17, 1926. It is a genuine revolutionary organization, first of its kind in Korea.

Kim Il Sung underlined the necessity of forming an organization at a meeting held at the end of September 1926. He held a preliminary meeting on October 10, 1926 to form the organization with core members whom he had trained and clarified its name and character, fighting program and activity norms.

Based on it, he formed the Down-with-Imperialism Union with young revolutionaries of the new generation on October 17.

The DIU is abbreviated from the union.

The formation of the DIU was a historical declaration heralding a fresh start of the Korean revolution and an epochal event that brought about a fundamental turn in shaping destiny of the Korean people.

The Society for Rallying Comrades was the first party organization of Juche type formed by Kim Il Sung on July 3, 1930, in Kalun, China.

Thanks to its formation, a true revolutionary party organization led by Kim Il Sung was born and the revolutionaries of new generation could have a genuine vanguard organization of the revolution and dynamically made preparations for the party founding.

The Saenal Children’s Union is the first children’s revolutionary organization in Korea founded by Kim Il Sung on December 15, 1926.

Its aim was to down with the Japanese imperialists and liberate the country and to overthrow the old society and build a new one.

Its formation marked an epochal event in starting the children’s movement of Juche type.

The Young Communist League of Korea is a true revolutionary vanguard organization of the Korean young people. It was formed by Kim Il Sung on August 28, 1927 in Jilin, China.

The YCLK was called the Communist Youth League or the Communist League.

The YCLK, a vanguard detachment of the Korean young communists, was a secret youth organization which was formed with core elements of the Anti-Imperialist Youth League as its backbone and with young people trained and tested in many revolutionary organizations included.

The Korean Revolutionary Army is a political and paramilitary organization formed by Kim Il Sung at Guyushu, Yitong County, China on July 6, 1930 to build a large guerilla unit.

It enlightened and awakened the masses of the people in towns and farm villages and united them under the banner of anti-Japanese imperialism and, at the same time, gained experiences in the armed struggle and made preparations to form regular armed forces in the future.

The Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland was founded at the inaugural meeting of the association held in Donggang, China on May 5, 1936.

It was the first anti-Japanese national united front organization founded and led by Kim Il Sung in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle.

The foundation of the association made it possible to rally the broad anti-Japanese and patriotic forces including workers and farmers firmly around Kim Il Sung, push ahead vigorously with the anti-Japanese armed struggle and accelerate the preparations for founding a party.