National Invention Exhibition

National Invention Exhibition was held in a virtual mode from June 19 to July 18, 2023.

It was the 17th exhibition and its theme was “Invention, Localization and Recycling”.

Over 1 200 techniques and products which obtained patent at home were exhibited.

Presentations were made about bright ideas and experiences on excellent technological inventions and their contents, papers were given to explain the law on right to intellectual properties and the intellectual goods circulation, and experiences were introduced by fine technical development units. All of them aroused the people’s interests.

What is characteristic in this exhibition is that items were more diversified than those in the previous ones and that the number of visitors was increased by several times.

This shows that further momentum is given to encouraging all the people to make every effort to learn advanced technology and improve their skills true to the WPK’s intention to make them work and contribute to the social progress and development with knowledge and technologies.

The 17th exhibition filled the DPRK cyberspace with the zeal of invention and creation. It was closed, but it gave strong impressions to the people as it taught them once again the importance of creating and applying intellectual products in a positive way.