Young Revolutionaries That Succeed to Revolutionary Tradition of Anti-Japanese Children’s Corps

Glorious and proud path of the Korean Children’s Union is recorded with valuable lives of young revolutionaries who inherited the revolutionary tradition of the Anti-Japanese Children’s Corps.

Many children were grown up into revolutionaries in the period of the anti-Japanese armed struggle. Anti-Japanese Children’s Corps member Kim Kum Sun, a 9 year-old girl, was arrested by the Japs. But even at the place of execution, she appealed the people to struggle firmly until the country was liberated. When he was interrogated by the enemy, a boy member named Mok Un Sik thrust his leg into the oven as the secret message was in his straw sandal. He breathed his last without revealing the secret of revolutionary he kept in his mind.

Inheriting the tradition of the Anti-Japanese Children’s Corps, So Kang Ryom, Rim Hyong Sam and other boys and girls organized children’s guards and children’s partisan units and fought against the enemy in every part of the country during the fierce Fatherland Liberation War period.

Many children are now growing up into revolutionaries by inheriting the revolutionary tradition of the Anti-Japanese Children’s Corps. They are Ri Chang Do, the first DPRK Hero among the KCU members, who dedicated his life to save the forest from fire with his friends, and Yu Hyang Rim and Han Hyon Gyong who defended portraits of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il from fire and natural disaster.

Many KCU members prepare themselves to be young patriots and praiseworthy KCU members by assisting the People’s Army, giving material and manpower support to construction sites and contributing to economy of the country with their parents.