How Are Rights of the Disabled Secured in DPRK?

The DPRK adopted the law on protecting the disabled and makes efforts to guarantee their rights and interests in all fields of social life and fully provide them with stable and convenient living environment and conditions.

The DPRK sees that more favourable environment and conditions are provided for the disabled in the fields of medical treatment, education, cultural life and labour and their personality is respected.

They can have medical services in special or general rehabilitation organs.

The disabled at school age can receive education at a special class of an ordinary school or at a special school like an intelligence cultivation school for the blind and the deaf and dumb according to their physical and spiritual peculiarities and types of their disabilities.

They have rights to choose their jobs in consideration of their disability status, gender, age and physical constitution, in the field of labour.

They can select and play any sports helpful for their health and favourable for improving independent activities and enjoy life to their heart’s contents at cultural and emotional life bases built for them by the state.