Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Makes Speech at 9th Session of 14th SPA

Pyongyang, September 28 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, made an important speech at the 9th Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) of the DPRK.

He said:

Dear Comrade Deputies,

Respected Comrade Chairman of the SPA Standing Committee and Comrade Chairman of the SPA,


Today our revolution has entered an era of new progress and dynamism, in which we dynamically advance towards the eminence of an invincible socialist power independent in politics, self-supporting in the economy and self-reliant in national defence, on the basis of the invaluable successes achieved through an arduous and strenuous struggle.

In particular, this year marking the 75th founding anniversary of our Republic and the 70th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War is a year of great significance for our revolution which has entered a period of new upsurge and great change in the accomplishment of the cause of building a powerful socialist country.

The Party Central Committee called for further boosting the fighting morale of all the people this year, an important occasion in the course of the development of our socialism and the history of our Republic, to make the year 2023 a year of great turn and change to be etched in the history of our Republic's development, and set forth strategic tasks for its implementation.

All the service personnel of the People's Army and people, who have always responded to the call of the Party and the revolution with their full display of patriotism and loyalty, have made proud successes in all fields of socialist construction by boldly waging a devoted struggle to carry out the major Party and state policy tasks set forth at the Eighth Congress of the Party and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee.

Through national political and cultural events and on many other occasions, we have fully demonstrated our political and ideological might with the single-minded unity of the Party and the people as its core, and have gone all out in the struggle for ensuring the stable development of the national economy and bringing about a substantial change in the improvement of the people’s living standard, and this results in a sign of marked growth in all sectors of economic construction.

The amazing reality in the development of agriculture, where bumper harvests are being reaped despite severe natural disasters, and the miraculous changes being witnessed in different parts of the country, including new streets and houses that spring up with the appearances beyond recognition every day, promise us a bright prospect for providing our people with affluent and highly civilized living conditions.

The greatest success we have achieved this year is that we definitely ushered in a heyday of leaps forward in strengthening the national defence capabilities and nuclear war deterrent of the country.

The major tasks of the Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Defence Science and Weapons System have been successfully carried out and a radical leap was made in the development and introduction of powerful nuclear attack means and new strategic weapon system of our own style. Thus, we demonstrated the reliability of the nuclear strategic force of our Republic to the whole world, exposing the hostile forces to insurmountable threat and striking terror into their hearts.

Today the strategic strength of our state, the nuclear war deterrent, is being remarkably bolstered and steadily strengthened to the extent incomparably greater than the past decades.

This eye-opening success, which actually shows great military muscle of the Republic fully equipped with strong and overwhelming defensive and offensive capabilities, clearly and definitely proves the courage and decisive action ability of the DPRK not to tolerate any acts of violating its sovereignty and right to existence.

This is just the fruit and brilliant miracle our great people have achieved by their own efforts and with their own hands.

The Supreme People's Assembly, the supreme power organ of the DPRK, achieved another significant and epoch-making political success to be specially recorded in the 75-year-long history of its dignified state-building activities and the glorious history of the development of the DPRK at the 9th session of its 14th term.

The present SPA successfully carried out the work of reflecting the actual state of our national power in the new era in the constitution of the country, along with the adoption of various laws related to state administration, economic development and people-oriented policies. As a result, the current session has been recorded as a historic one which added a remarkable page to the constitutional history of the DPRK.

It is of very deep and weighty significance that we have adopted the decision with unanimous approval to supplement Article 58 of Chapter 4 of the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with new contents - to ensure the country's right to existence and development, deter war and protect regional and global peace by rapidly developing nuclear weapons to a higher level - just in this assembly hall where the codification of the policy of the state nuclear force solemnly took place in accordance with the general will of all the Korean people just one year ago.

This resulted in the successful implementation of the essential historic and political task, whose fulfillment was indispensable to ensuring the successes achieved by our people through their sacred struggle and the nuclear force policy of our state with the supreme law of the Republic, he said, adding:

The DPRK's nuclear force-building policy has been made permanent as the basic law of the state, which no one is allowed to flout with anything. This is a historic event that provided a powerful political lever for remarkably strengthening the national defence capabilities, including the nuclear force, for firmly consolidating the institutional and legal foundations for guaranteeing security and protecting national interests by relying on it, and for accelerating the overall development of our style socialism.

Saying that only the country which is strong with the faith of all its people determined to readily dedicate themselves to preserving their self-respect and dignity they regard dearer than their lives, and only the government and people that accomplished the great cause of building a nuclear-armed nation by waging an unprecedented, long and arduous struggle generation after generation in actuality, regarding it as the most precious absolute strength for independence, justice and development, can perform such an unprecedented ideological political miracle, Kim Jong Un, in his capacity as president of the State Affairs of the DPRK, expressed sincere thanks to the deputies for having most responsibly exercised their voting right in the very important and significant state affair discussion for constitutionally consolidating the gains of the great and sacred struggle of all the Korean people.

He went on:

The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK is a legal foundation guaranteeing the dignity, sovereignty and independent development of our state and people and a political charter indicating the orientation of the victorious advance of the revolution and construction.

The crystal-clear stipulation of the keynote policy of bolstering the nuclear force in the supreme state law, which will permanently exist along with socialist Korea, is the most just and reasonable crucial step which fully meets not only the urgent requirements of the present era but also the lawfulness and the long-term requirements of building a socialist country.

It is the fact recognized by the world that the DPRK inevitably had access to nuclear weapons for self-defence and developed its policy of bolstering up the nuclear force into a law, for it is standing in protracted confrontation with the U.S., the world's biggest nuclear weapons state and the most dangerous war state, and its vassal forces.

The present situation, in which the structure of the "new Cold War" is being materialized on a global scale and the existence of sovereign states and the right to existence of their people are seriously threatened by the reactionary imperialist forces keen on realizing their ambition for hegemony and expansionist fantasy, proves that our Republic was entirely just when it made a decisive decision to build a nuclear force in the face of all sorts of trials and fix it as an irreversible state law.

Had our Republic merely pinned its hopes on the nuclear umbrella of others, exposed to the ever-increasing nuclear blackmail and threats from the U.S., and failed to boldly decide on the line of arming itself with nuclear weapons, captivated by gestures of "goodwill" hyped up by the imperialists and spurious temptations, and stopped or retreated from the already started arduous journey, it would have certainly suffered a nuclear holocaust and total destruction long ago, and it would have been impossible to imagine the present proud reality in which it enhances the national prestige and might and steers the world toward justice while resolutely countering the enemy's outrageous challenge and pressure.

The U.S., which had already set it as its state policy to physically remove our state and even ignited a war to do so in the last century, has maximized its nuclear war threats to our Republic by resuming the large-scale nuclear war joint drills with clear aggressive nature and putting the deployment of its strategic nuclear assets near the Korean peninsula on a permanent basis after starting the operation of the "Nuclear Consultative Group" aimed at using nuclear weapons against the DPRK in collusion with the "Republic of Korea", while frequently revising the aggression war scenario for realizing the "end of regime" in the DPRK.

Worse still, the accelerated establishment of the triangular military alliance with Japan and the "Republic of Korea" finally resulted in the emergence of the "Asian-version NATO", the root cause of war and aggression. This is just the worst actual threat, not threatening rhetoric or an imaginary entity.

Now that the U.S., steeped in the Cold War mentality, has gone to extremes in its anti-DPRK military provocations, it is very important for the DPRK to accelerate the modernization of nuclear weapons in order to hold the definite edge of strategic deterrence for more thoroughly deterring and controlling those provocations and fulfill its mission as a responsible nuclear weapons state in the struggle to preserve stability on the Korean peninsula and its vicinity.

But it is not merely based on the analysis and study of the current ever-aggravating situation only that the government of the Republic has brought up for discussion at the SPA such an important agenda item as stipulation of the policy of strengthening the nuclear force in the constitution.

As long as our Republic exists as a socialist state and as long as the tyrannical nuclear weapons of the imperialists trying to stamp out independence and socialism exist on the earth, we must neither change nor concede the present position of our country as a nuclear weapons state, but, on the contrary, continue to further strengthen the nuclear force. This is the serious strategic judgment made by our Party and government.

Looking back on history, mankind has desired the world without nuclear weapons since the emergence of nuclear weapons and the first nuclear holocaust on this planet. And our Republic, a direct victim of nuclear blackmail since the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950, had made constant peace-loving efforts to make the Korean peninsula and the region nuclear-free.

But the U.S. imperialists have persistently escalated their nuclear threat to our Republic, once a non-nuclear state, for decades in disregard of all our peace-loving proposals, for the mere reason that its idea and system are different. Due to this, our socialist construction has faced and undergone enormous obstacles and grave difficulties, and even the existence of our state has been exposed to critical emergency many times.

This made our Republic keenly realize the immutable truth that it should certainly counter the hostile forces' nuclear threat in kind, and the necessity of preserving and strengthening as eternal state strategic assets the nuclear weapons it is possessed of and preventing anyone from doing harm to them in any case, no matter the lapse of time and the shift in generation.

We must take due pride in having legalized the state nuclear force policy and even squarely stipulated it in the constitution and thus set an example in the building of an independent and self-defensive state and the strengthening of the national defence capabilities and, on the basis of this historic success, wage a more vigorous struggle for the overall development of Korean-style socialism, he said.

Saying that the important task facing the WPK and the DPRK government, the fulfillment of which should be pushed ahead with nonstop in implementing the present-stage fighting programme set forth at the 8th Congress of the WPK, is to rapidly bolster up both in quality and quantity the nuclear force, he stressed the need to push ahead with the work for exponentially boosting the production of nuclear weapons and diversifying the nuclear strike means and deploying them in different services.

Re-clarifying in detail the foreign policy of the WPK at present, he referred to the principled problems arising in proactively conducting the external activities on the basis of the policy.

He urged the external affairs sector to consistently hold fast to the external strategy of the Party Central Committee and conduct in a broad and prospective way the external activities for creating conditions and environment in favor of the Korean revolution and further promote solidarity with the nations standing against the U.S. and the West's strategy for hegemony while firmly adhering to the revolutionary principle and the stand of independence at the fore of the struggle of the anti-imperialist independent countries.

He went on:

The current Supreme People’s Assembly is also to deliberate and adopt sectional laws for further promoting the people-oriented policies of the government of the Republic and putting the major economic affairs of the country on a stable track.

Of course, it is a precious success that we have provided a legal weapon for propelling the socialist construction more powerfully as required by the times and the developing revolution. What is more important is to ensure that the decisions and instructions of the Party and the state are carried out thoroughly to make a substantial advance and leap forward in all fields and all spheres.

The historic struggle of our Party and people to implement the resolutions of the Eighth Party Congress, which set forth the new five-year plan for the comprehensive development of socialism, has now entered an important period.

Whether or not the miraculous victories and successes achieved in the brave spirit of uninterrupted progress in the face of the unprecedented manifold national crises ever since the founding of the country lead to greater victory and success depends on how to work in the remaining period of a little over two years.

While further consolidating the successes and experience gained in the struggle so far in all aspects of politics, economy and culture, we should put constant spurs to carrying out without fail the plans and immediate tasks set forth by the Party Congress and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee and converting them into excellent entities without an inch of deflection.

Today the most pressing task for the government of our Republic is to bring about a substantial change in the economic work of the country and in the solution of problems arising in improving the people’s livelihood by successfully attaining the 12 goals for the development of the national economy and other economic objectives.

The Cabinet and other state economic guidance organs and the provincial, city and county people’s committees should have a clear grasp of the overall economy of the country and the economic work in the relevant areas and conduct economic operations and guidance more closely and vigorously in keeping with the ever-changing actual conditions and circumstances so that the goals and tasks for economic development set by the Party and the state are fully attained in a perfect way.

The economic sectors in charge of implementing the 12 goals for the development of the national economy should bring about a fresh upsurge in production and innovative successes in the fighting spirit and stamina of the preceding generations who ushered in the great Chollima era in the history of the Republic, and give more powerful impetus to the overall socialist economic construction.

In particular, the agricultural sector should turn out more courageously in implementing to the letter the programme for the rural revolution in the new era set forth by our Party and the powerful support of the state should be steadily augmented to make our people’s centuries-old desire a great reality as soon as possible.

The government of the Republic, which regards it as the supreme principle of its activities to prioritize the interests and demands of the people and hold them absolute, should continue to direct primary efforts to promoting the people’s well-being.

To push ahead with the work for building 50 000 flats in Pyongyang Municipality and for regional construction and rural construction in a big way, implement correctly the Party's childcare policy and light industry policies and steadily spruce up the land and improve the ecological environment are the important tasks that should be carried out to bring about fruition without fail in the light of the popular character of our state.

The government of the Republic should bring about a clear and decisive improvement in science, education, public health and other fields of socialist culture in keeping with the rise in our national dignity and prestige.

We should confidently push ahead with the work to successfully implement the state strategy and plans for the development of science and technology decided by the Party Congress and the plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee, improve the country’s educational structure, content and methods in a qualitative way so that advanced education can be given and consolidate the overall public health foundation on a high level so that the advantages of the most popular health system can be displayed.

The literature and art, media and sports sectors should achieve proud innovative successes conducive to demonstrating the development of our Republic and further enhancing its prestige and patriotic enthusiasm and revolutionary spirit of our people.

Stressing the need for the DPRK government to regard it as a task which should not be neglected even for a moment to establish the strong official discipline in the country and a good communist climate throughout society and make all the fields and spheres seethe with the development-oriented mode of creation and revolutionary work style, he said:

Stronger Party, administrative and legal measures for this have been taken with the Eighth Party Congress as an occasion, but a very serious shortcoming was revealed intensively in the recent national disaster prevention work. This fact goes to prove that such wrong practices as disorder, irresponsibility and indifference chronically exist in the work of the state leadership bodies and officials.

The government of the Republic should continue to wage a unified and intensive control and struggle vigorously so that all institutions, enterprises and citizens obey the centralistic discipline of the state, strictly abide by the laws of the country and suppress all sorts of anti-socialist and non-socialist practices with a high degree of political consciousness and sense of responsibility.

The precious tradition of the revolutionary mass movement, an all-people patriotic movement displayed in the stirring annals of our revolution, should be made to show its vitality so that it can be reliably inherited and developed through generations, and all sectors, spheres and units should be actively encouraged to ceaselessly create and develop new things, with priority given to the fundamental and long-term interests of the state.

Saying that it is vary important to enhance to the maximum the role of the deputies, representatives of the people, in successfully carrying out the responsible and important tasks facing the DPRK government at present, he earnestly requested the deputies to the SPA to personify exceptionally high patriotism and spirit of love for the people and devote themselves to the development of the state and the interests of the people.

The deputies to the SPA should always and keenly realize what great trust and weight of the state and the people are stored in the sacred call of the supreme representative, whom the people elected with trust, and do their best to remain infinitely faithful to their heavy missions and responsibility, he said, and went on:

You should not forget even for a moment that those who support the state and the people with conscience, faith and heart are genuine representatives and deputies of the people.

As the deputies to the SPA have had the honor and dignity of being the representatives of the people and the supreme power organ under the care of our Workers’ Party, they should get a better understanding of all the policies of the WPK than anyone else and always be full of mind to do more beneficial and admirable things for the Party, the state and the people. And they should proudly bring about practical achievements for the country and the people through their devoted efforts.

All of you should bear in mind once again how honorable and worthwhile it is to become the genuine people's representatives and servants upholding most zealously, resolutely and ardently with loyalty and uprightness our dignified Republic which is now fully demonstrating the national prestige, power and glory all over the world.

Dear Comrade Deputies,

We have only a few months till the end of the year 2023 we saw in with fresh confidence and expectations.

 We are faced with heavy duty to proudly conclude with more splendid achievements this eventful year.

The practical success under the present favorable situation, in which the political, material and technical conditions and foundations for building a powerful socialist country have been firmly established and a strong legal guarantee for the building of nuclear force was provided, depends entirely on how the deputies here and all the citizens strive.

I firmly believe that all those present here will faithfully discharge their very responsible and heavy mission and duty they have assumed before the Party, the revolution, the country and the people, for the eternal prosperity of our great state and the well-being of our great people.

On this significant occasion when I feel proud again about the great strength and prestige of our Republic, I ardently appeal to all to turn out in the sacred patriotic struggle for the development of our great country and thus brilliantly adorn this year as a year of proud victory.

For our great people,

For the dignity and honor of our state,

Let us all struggle energetically with one mind and one will.