True Meaning That Man Is Master of His Own Destiny

It is important to understand correctly that man is the master of his own destiny.

Some people vulgarize the principle of the Juche philosophy that man is the master of his own destiny. They interpret that no one but they are masters in settling their personal matters. In other words, they consider that they have to make every possible effort to realize their promotion, fame and wealth irrespective of social collectives or political organizations.

Their interpretation has nothing to do with the principle of the Juche philosophy. The Juche philosophy says that man’s is the destiny of the one who dominates and transforms the world to live as its master and the destiny of man, the social being who carves out his own destiny in his social collective and on the strength of the social collective.

The principle of carving out man’s destiny elucidated by the Juche philosophy does not mean realizing selfish aim of individuals.