Line to Be Carried forward and Applied Eternally

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that the great transformation achieved by Juche Korea in fundamentally remoulding humans, nature and society in such a short historical period has, from start to finish, been achieved by dint of the three revolutions; and all the miracles wrought by the DPRK that have struck the world’s people with wonder are a victory of the line of these revolutions.

Kim Jong Un said that it is a source of great dignity and pride for the WPK and the DPRK to have such a fighting programme, conforming to the law-governed nature of socialist and communist construction and to its people’s revolutionary aspirations, as the line of the three revolutions, the truthfulness, advantages and invincible might of which have been fully proven from one century and generation, to the next. He said that the line should be carried forward eternally in its pure form and applied fully.