Significance and Immortal Viability of Three Revolutions

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified that the spirit, that runs through the line of the revolution in the three realms of ideology, technology and culture, is the comprehensive spirit of independence of implementing the revolution in one’s country by one’s own efforts and the key is to strengthen one’s own revolutionary forces in every possible way.

Kim Jong Un said that in the historical course of building socialism and communism, the tasks and both the subjective and the objective conditions at each stage of the revolution are changing constantly, but the revolutionary strategy, the core of which is one’s own efforts, cannot change.

Kim Jong Un also said that it was necessary to cultivate their own efforts, which they can firmly believe in and rely on at all times, in carrying out the socialist cause in which they should follow an untrodden path and brave unpredictable challenges and difficulties and herein lie the great significance and undying viability of the three revolutions.