Universal Truth of All Ages and Countries

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said in his commemorative speech delivered at Defence Development Exhibition Self-defence 2021 held on October 11, 2021 that the essence of the defence policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea is to safeguard the country and people by its own strength and restrain any kinds of threats and challenges and reliably and unwaveringly ensure peace by dint of powerful defence capabilities.

Kim Jong Un said that the strengthening of the national defence is indispensable and vital state affair that should not be neglected even for a moment by the WPK and the DPRK government and people proceeding from the historical lessons of the nation who underwent sufferings due to foreign aggression and now has to build socialism under the hostile forces’ constant threats which continue through centuries and from the demand and peculiarity of the Korean revolution.

Saying that one fails to defend his country and people but surrenders to foreign military threats if one has no self-defensive capabilities of a due level, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un clarified that it is the universal truth of all ages and countries.