Even 1% of Waste Water Should Not Remain

One day when the Changgwang Health Complex, a welfare service base for the DPRK people, was under construction, officials concerned were wanted by Chairman Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il asked them what proposals had been made to settle the water issue for the health complex.

An official replied that they seemed to have no choice but to use a widespread foreign method of purifying waste water.

Attentively listening to the official, Kim Jong Il stressed that even 1% of waste water should not remain in the bathtubs, in the swimming pool and in the wading pool which were intended for use by the people, and the method should be worked out on the principle of draining all the waste water and replacing it 100% with fresh water. Kim Jong Il unrolled the map of the Pyongyang area and then with a coloured pencil drew a line connecting the health complex and the Taedong River. Noting that it is advisable to pump the water from the Taedong River, Kim Jong Il said with ardour that this is the era of the Workers’ Party which makes water flow at man’s desire.