One’s Own Is Only Strength to Rely on

Chairman Kim Jong Il visited Hungnam Fertilizer Complex in mid-October 2011.

At that time, workers of the complex finished establishing the gasification series line No. 1, which is of weighty significance in developing chemical industry of the country, and made a trial run of the line, thus registering a proud achievement of making a breakthrough in putting fertilizer production on a Juche-oriented footing.

Kim Jong Il arrived at the complex and congratulated the complex workers who had been successful in the trial run.

Kim Jong Il said with satisfaction that the DPRK workers carry any undertakings to completion once they are determined to do it, adding that the carbon dioxide adsorption tower is a product of self-reliance,

Stressing that one’s own is the only strength to rely on, Kim Jong Il said that it was necessary to brave difficulties and trials in the spirit of self-reliance in the future, too.