It was September 9 one year.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said that the founding anniversary of the DPRK every year always reminded him of President Kim Il Sung before others. He said that the founding day of the DPRK was of greater significance in the sense that it was the day when the Korean people held Kim Il Sung in high esteem as the first head of an independent sovereign state than in the sense that it was the day when the founding of the Republic was declared.

The Chairman said that, thanks to the DPRK, the great country which was built and led by Kim Il Sung, the people led a happy life and the nation would be prosperous. He said that Kim Il Sung’s authority made the nation win dignity and glory and the DPRK was unthinkable apart from the President, adding that modern Korea is Kim Il Sung’s.

The Chairman said that Kim Il Sung liberated the country at the age of 34 and founded the Republic and was held in high esteem as the head of the state at the age of 37. Saying that there are many leaders in the world but there has been no such a leader as Kim Il Sung who embarked on the road of revolution in his early years, led the unprecedentedly arduous anti-imperialist national liberation struggle to victory and was elected the head of the state at such a young age, the Chairman paid the highest respect to President Kim Il Sung.