It was when the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un visited a unit of the Korean People’s Army.

Officers and soldiers of the unit embraced each other out of excitement and delight of greeting Kim Jong Un whom they had yearned for so much.

But some people in the unit were not there. They were a company commander and a company political instructor of a sub-unit.

Having looked round several places of the unit headquarters, Kim Jong Un entered a barrack of the sub-unit. He looked at officials as if he was asking why the company commander and political instructor were not present there.

An officer of the unit explained him that they were ill with a cold.

He said that he would still like to meet them, adding that they must be disappointed if the Supreme Commander visited their company but left it without meeting them.

Kim Jong Un entered more than others into feelings of them who had devoted their all while picturing the day when they would make him pleased when he visited their company.

The company commander and political instructor shed tears of gratitude for Kim Jong Un who crossed steep ridges to visit their company and showed them parental love.