In early October 1945 President Kim Il Sung summoned heads of political working groups to Pyongyang to have a consultative meeting. Kim Il Sung had dispatched them to different parts of the country for the strengthening of basic party organizations.

Having been told by the heads about their work done, Kim Il Sung asked about their opinions on convening the Inaugural Party Congress.

Mentioning about moves by factionalists and local separatists, each of the heads said that it was necessary to make further discussion on the issue of founding the Party by expanding the party committee of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army, which they had already suggested.

Kim Il Sung said that some revolutionaries who had worked at home were not tempered organizationally, some had evil habits of factionalism and the workers and peasants were poor in political and theoretical level. He continued that, however, he determined to include in the party not only the revolutionaries tempered in the flames of the anti-Japanese revolution but all the progressive elements from all walks of life in order to achieve unity of party ranks and build it into a mass party.

Saying that, as some suggested, the party can possibly be founded only with the communists who had joined in the anti-Japanese armed struggle, he emphasized that, if they organized the party with them alone, other people would try to organize their own parties, and this would result in the division of the Korean communist movement. He said that it was necessary to achieve unity also with them.

That day Kim Il Sung gave detailed instructions to the party founding issues including the issue of running the meeting by making full consideration of opinions of those who were working at home for the success of the Inaugural Party Congress.