Outstanding Greatness: Great Courage and Pluck Working Miracle

There have been no great persons but President Kim Il Sung who had great courage and pluck.

In retrospect, the Korean revolution has been continuation of ordeals and hardships.

However, the DPRK people could bring about a brilliant victory in the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and win with pride in the war against the imperialist aggressor army which boasted itself of being the “strongest” in the world, as they were under the wise leadership of Kim Il Sung who was possessed of great courage, strong will and firm revolutionary faith that there is always a way out even if the heavens crumble.

They advanced unyieldingly with such courage and pluck that Kim Il Sung had even under moves by all hostile forces, and as a result, they could register only victory also in the building of socialism.

It was Kim Il Sung who planned everything in a bold and audacious way and carried it through to the end once he was determined to do while handling all situations calmly and readily even in case of difficulties and trials.