Outstanding Greatness: Broad Magnanimity Embracing Everyone

President Kim Il Sung received everyone with kindness wearing a bright smile on his face and showed them warm love and big trust, and they were captivated by his broad magnanimity and benevolence.

History recorded many great persons who were proud of virtue and many famous persons who insisted to rule everything by means of virtue. But the history has never known anyone but the President who embraced everyone and took care of them with broad magnanimity and benevolence.

During his whole life the President showed benevolence unchanged with firm belief, pure with sincere obligation and boundless with dedicated love.

The President was the greatest of all the great who treated people of all strata with kindness and love, irrespective of ranks of job and differences in race, ideas and religious beliefs. Once he met the people, the President showed love and trust to them and took care of them with responsibility.

The DPRK people and the world progressives will admire forever the President who cherished human benevolence and great virtue.