Outstanding Greatness: Extraordinary Intelligence Illuminating Way Ahead of Era

History records many great persons who contributed to the solution of socio-political problems of the times with prominent wisdom.

However, it knows no such a distinguished thinker and theoretician as President Kim Il Sung who gave perfect answers in the enormous revolutionary practice to theoretical and practical problems which needed solutions urgent for the people’s revolutionary struggle in the era of independence.

Seeing through requirements of the era and aspirations of the people, the President authored the Juche idea, thus bringing about a radical turn in the development of human thought and the revolutionary struggle.

The President was possessed of profound knowledge on science and society, far-sighted scientific insight with which he could find out essence of phenomena however complicated they might be, remarkable analyzing capability with which he could reflect aspirations of various people in one proposition and solve any difficult problems in such a way that everyone understood easily.

Extraordinary intelligence that attracts them is, indeed, the outstanding trait and quality of the President.

As the President illuminated the way ahead of the era with gifted foresightedness and led the country and the people with distinguished and seasoned leadership in his whole life, the Korean revolution could advance only along the road of victory.