On October 8, 1981 when he had a talk with a delegation of Indian scholars, President Kim Il Sung said that journalists from many countries who visited the DPRK asked him how the DPRK people could live happily in longevity and that some people asked him whether they took much insam (Korean ginseng) for longevity.

The President said that he usually told them that his people had the Juche idea, a medicine which is better than insam, adding that the working people become masters of everything in the DPRK and its people regard the Juche idea as their own faith because they are well aware that they can achieve victory and happiness only when they advance along the road indicated by the Juche idea.

That day the President also said that, whenever foreigners often asked him how all people in the DPRK could live happily without any worries, he always told them that the people can be well off when they become masters of the country and display their independence and creativity to the full.