The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un advanced ideas on the women’s movement in a new era at important meetings including the 6th Congress of the Democratic Women’s Union of Korea and 7th Congress of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea.

Kim Jong Un clarified the idea that mothers should be possessed of political consciousness and ennobling cultural and moral traits and bring up their children into successors to the revolution and masters of a powerful country, the idea that they should follow the noble mental world and fighting spirit possessed by preceding generations of the revolution and the idea that they should become true revolutionaries and ardent patriots who devote themselves to the work of socialist patriotism. The ideas on the women’s movement in the new era are a valuable guideline that enables mothers to perform their responsibility and role of a powerful force for the development of the state and society.

11 women became Heroines of the Republic, over 50 Labour Heroines and more than 3 500 merited women of socialist patriotism after the 4th National Conference of Mothers in their efforts to apply the ideas. All mothers supported and upheld the Workers’ Party of Korea with single mind of loyalty and patriotism and defended the DPRK government and socialist system despite heinous challenges by the hostile forces and unexpected manifold disasters.