The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said in a letter sent to participants in the 9th Congress of the Korean Children’s Union that it was necessary to establish the Party and social custom of giving importance to the KCU and loving its members and taking warm care of them and that the children are before and above the people whom the Party believes as in heaven.

Kim Jong Un said that he regarded it not as troublesome but happy and glorious even though it takes a hundred million days of labour to make devotion for growing of the rising generation who should be in courageous spirit. He said that top priority should be given to them in mapping out the Party and state policies, adding that it will be an invariable principle of the Workers’ Party of Korea and eternal policy of the DPRK government.

He said that the DPRK is powerful as it has the KCU members, the reliable successors and reserves and as they always add freshness and energy to the rank of revolutionaries.