Academy of Sciences Founded During Wartime

It was at the Congress of Scientists held in April 1952 when President Kim Il Sung put forward the plan of founding the Academy of Sciences.

At that time anti-Party, counterrevolutionary factionalists and some people who were inclined to flunkeyism and dogmatism said that other countries founded the academy of sciences 10 or several decades after they gained sovereignty. They claimed that founding it was premature for the DPRK which had been liberated a few years ago and was undergoing trials of the war.

Rejecting categorically their wrong claim, Kim Il Sung said that the weaker the scientific forces became, the more firmly a nationwide working system should be established to organize and guide the scientific research work and rapidly promote development of science and technology.

Then he declared that the academy would be founded, so that it could gather excellent scientists of the country and they could make scientific research work in a collective way.

As a result, the DPRK Academy of Sciences (State Academy of Sciences of today) was born on December 1, 1952.

In January 2018 when he visited the State Academy of Sciences, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that it was an event that the State Academy of Sciences was founded in the period of the grave war decisive to the destiny of the country and nation.