Encouraging to Reconstruct Plant by Their Own Efforts

One day in August 1953, a week after the end of the war, President Kim Il Sung visited the then Kangson Steel Plant.

Kim Il Sung said that it was necessary for them not to wait for aid or help from others even though they had difficulties and ordeals. He said that it was not the revolutionary attitude of workers to solve problems by depending on others. He said that it was important to thoroughly establish a climate of believing in themselves and solving everything on their own instead of relying on others even under difficulties. He emphasized that the plant could be possibly reconstructed if everyone was convinced of doing it.

Then he encouraged them to surely rehabilitate and reconstruct the plant by their own efforts.

Cherishing deep Kim Il Sung’s thoroughgoing faith of independence and trust, the workers of the plant dedicated their strength, wisdom and passion to the reconstruction and thus produced molten iron in a short period in such difficulties by displaying the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.