Saying that Workers and Peasants Are Masters of Country

One spring day in 1947 when he visited a field of a salt farm situated on the foot of the Kwangryang Bay, President Kim Il Sung illuminated the way ahead of the farm while meeting and having talks with workers.

It was when Kim Il Sung was about to leave. An aged man pushed hurriedly his way through the thick wall of the crowd and stood in front of him.

The aged man looked up at Kim Il Sung for a while and made a deep bow to him. He said with emotion… General, I have been yearning to see you day and night. Today I am lucky to see you, the king of the country. I would have no regrets if I were to die right now… Then he continued sobbing with his head down on the ground.

Quickly helping him stand up, Kim Il Sung said that there was no king in the liberated country but workers and peasants were masters of the country.