Great Master Who Created Example of World History in National Liberation Struggle

“The anti-Japanese armed struggle is an example for the people who fight for their freedom and happiness and its experience is valuable the current revolutionary struggle, indeed.”

The world progressive people highly praised the victorious anti-Japanese armed struggle, organized and led by President Kim Il Sung, as an example of the world history and a historical event that encouraged struggle of the oppressed people over the world.

Kim Il Sung achieved Korea’s liberation by realizing the thorough independent idea that the Korean revolution should be made by the Korean people themselves. It was a brilliant fruition of national independence, the idea of realizing independence by one’s own. Since then a fresh turn has been made in the world people’s struggle to put an end to the imperialist colonial rule and take back their national sovereignty.

Kim Il Sung, indeed, was a great master and an outstanding leader of the world people’s liberation struggle who opened a new era of national liberation struggle in colonies and led it wisely to victory.