With High Pursuit to Guarantee Agricultural Production with Science and Technology

True to the decisions of the 6th and 7th Plenary Meetings of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the agricultural science research sector vigorously launches a drive to guarantee the regional agricultural production with science and technology.

In close contact with the Rural Economy Committee of the Province, officials in the agricultural science research institute of South Hwanghae Province selected fields for testing growth of crops in the Jaeryong Plain and Yonbaek Plain and sent scientists there so that they can take timely scientific and technical measures to cope with agricultural climate conditions anticipated in each farming season. Scientists from several research groups in the province set it as a goal to breed, in a short span of time, high-yielding strains of crops that are short in growing period and strains of paddy rice, spring-sown wheat and barley which are strong in salt-resistance. They devote energy to various experiments and researches to investigate gene pools and find out their biological characteristics.

Officials and scientists in agricultural science research institute of Kangwon Province pay attention to disseminating advanced farming technological data that are helpful for establishing scientific techniques of cultivation and step up the production of seeds in order to introduce the newly-bred strains of paddy rice, that is short in growing period and high in yielding, and the high-yielding wheat in extensive areas of the province as early as possible.

Those, who developed a profitable scientific farming support system, make efforts to renovate and complete the system by introducing it in practice.