Waterway Construction Promoted

Vigorous efforts are made to conclude the construction of Hwangju-Kindung Waterway on a high level and in a short period.

Officials of the Hwanghae Province Irrigation Construction Brigade provide intensive guidance over the construction on the basis of detailed process plans and the shock brigade members channel primary efforts into the welding speed and quality.

They mass the welder forces on the construction and at the same time actively introduce rational methods in installing pipes. They also manufacture assembling jigs and tools with their own efforts and introduce new welding methods, thus advancing the time of welding iron pipes far ahead.

Those in the brigade of South Hamgyong Province fulfill the daily plan of construction by1.5 times every day.

Giving priority to supply of necessary materials, the officials see that advanced construction methods are introduced in the construction and on-the-spot repair bases produce a great result, thus guaranteeing full operation of facilities.

Even in difficulties, members of its shock brigade increase the speed of drilling and mucking in a three-dimensional manner and make efforts to ensure the quality of covering concrete on a high level.