A woman who is called a mother patriot lives in Neighbourhood Unit 52, Sopho-dong No. 1, Hyongjesan District, Pyongyang. She is Song In Hui who does good jobs for the country even after her retirement.

She wrote a letter to Chairman Kim Jong Il. In the letter she was resolved to live a worthwhile life like the wife of a Party worker in Yodok County, South Hamgyong Province, who became a shoemaker and did much for the people. She is a merited woman of socialist patriotism who has invariably served the people for tens of years. Saying that her patriotic mind will not cool down although she retired, she volunteered to be a shoemaker for the shock brigade members and made field service at the construction site of Jonwi Street every day.

Many people worry about her health as she is aged and ask her not to do any more. Then she, wearing a smile, says that it is good to live as a mother of the shock brigade members rather than a mother of a family and it is her bigger happiness that they call her mother.