Seminar on Kim Il Sung’s Exploits Held in Nepal

A seminar was held by the Nepali Literary Forum for the Study of Songun Politics at “Noya Banesher” on August 13, 2023 on the occasion of the day of Korea’s liberation.

Smiling portrait of President Kim Il Sung and a placard saying “Seminar on Korea’s Liberation and Exploits of President Kim Il Sung” were hung on the front wall of the venue for the seminar.

Men of literature and the press participated in the seminar.

Participants said that President Kim Il Sung waged the struggle against the formidable Japanese imperialists and achieved liberation of the country with two pistols which his father had bequeathed him and with the Juche idea elucidating that one should liberate the country by one’s own efforts. They praised that the exploits achieved by President Kim Il Sung in the national liberation would be immortal along with the oppressed working masses and progressive people of the world.

They said that Chairman Kim Jong Il safeguarded security and peace of the country and people with the Songun politics upholding President Kim Il Sung’s revolutionary cause of Juche, adding that the DPRK has now developed into a powerful country that has such strong military capabilities that no one dares to provoke, thanks to H.E. Kim Jong Un.

They said that the DPRK, thanks to H.E. Kim Jong Un, has developed into the only country that stands with dignity against the US which boasts itself of being a power among many countries in the world. They also said that the secret of the DPRK’s strength that enables to win victory after victory in the war against imperialism is that they have the great and outstanding leader and they are led by him.